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Nest Box Construction

Nest boxes can be purchased at many pet stores in particular at those which specialize in birds as well as many Audubon nature stores and nature preserves but  will cost $25 or more.  Small and standard boxes can be constructed for $1 - $5 per box by making use of wood siding from construction projects, cedar from fences, and ply wood; large boxes such as for barn owls will cost 2-3 times as much..  This section provides references and plans for the construction of  individual boxes or 10 – 15 at a time.  Plans for three size boxes follow: 1) small (e.g., Chickadees) standard (Bluebirds), and 3)  large (e.g., Barn Owls).  Some variations in mounting are hanging, post mounted and attached; other variations are: front opening and side opening (preferred).


Multiple Box Construction/Group Projects


The following article is oriented toward group construction but also provides information for construction of individual boxes as well as a discussion of aids to construction:  Article on Multiple Box Construction.  Cutout plans: 11 Bluebird Boxes and 15 Chickadee Boxes.   Plans for Burring Owl boxes are available here.


Plans for individual box construction:


*Cornell Nestwatch Program

            Features of a Good Nest Box: Features

            Birdhouse Placement: Placement

            Plans for many species (box sizes) including Chickadee, Tree Swallow, Bluebirds, Kestrel, Barn Owl, Wood Ducks and others; also Predator Guard Plans Construction Plans


*Construction plans with many photographs for side opening, hanging, standard (Bluebird) box and retriever: Bluebird box and Retriever:


*Children’s Activity Book: Children's Activity Book.  Pages 30-37 contain information and photographs for construction of front and side opening standard (Bluebird) boxes with photographs of pole mounted, hanging and attached boxes. There is a review of other cavity nesters which use the small (Chickadee) sized boxes but no construction plans – see references in article.


*North America Bluebird Society (NABS) :

            Extensive information on monitoring bluebird boxes: NABS Fact Sheets

            Specifications for Standard (Bluebird) boxes : Specifications

            Nestbox Plans for various types of Standard boxes:  Nestbox Plans


*National Audubon Society:

            References:     Bird Boxes (References)

            Hints For Attracting Birds: Hints


* Bluebirds of San Diego: Bluebirds of San Diego: Bluebird Box Plans


*Michigan Audubon Society

            Article on Xbox

            Plans for construction of Xbox


Plans for retriever and extension pole

Dick Purvis Retriever and Chance/Graham Elevator Pole: click here